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If this is your first time buying a Fleshlight, you might have some questions on your mind about buying, using and maintaining a Fleshlight. If you do already own one or multiple Fleshlights, you may still have some questions you would like to have answered. In this blogpost I am going to try to answer as many of those frequently asked questions as I can. If you have a question that is not covered here, please post the question in the comment section and I will do my best to answer it for you.

Where can I buy genuine Fleshlight products without the need to worry about counterfeits?

The Fleshlight US (United States) and Fleshlight EU (European Union) are the official webshops for ordering Fleshlight products. Anything you order from those two webshops is guaranteed to be a genuine Fleshlight product. My personal advice to any potential buyer is to always buy from the official webshop whenever you can. Doing otherwise can very easily end you up with a counterfeit product that ends up sucking in a not so fun way. Please consider the health risks before sticking your penis in a Chinese knockoff of which you don’t know what materials were used to make it.

I understand however that not everyone is able to purchase through the official webshops (United States or European Union). It can also sometimes be cheaper or faster to purchase from a third party reseller. Many national or international webshops sell an assortment of Fleshlight products. In my experience those webshops are usually faster at shipping your order but this often comes at a higher price than when buying in the official Fleshlight webshop. Make sure the third party reseller has a bit of credibility and looks trustworthy. You can Google them to see what other people are saying about them. If it looks sketchy and doesn’t have decent reviews, then please don’t bother.

You should avoid ordering a Fleshlights from marketplace based websites such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace and any other websites that allows private individuals to sell products. Those places are notorious for selling counterfeit Fleshlights and you may even end up with a used Fleshlight in a worst case scenario. Now while you can order genuine Fleshlights on Amazon just fine, you need to make sure you’re ordering it from either Amazon or Fleshlight itself and not from a third party marketplace seller. This is often not that obviously stated, so please be careful when ordering from Amazon.

Do I need to use lube with my Fleshlight?

Yes, you need to use a generous amount of lube every time you want to use your Fleshlight. The Fleshlight sleeve is made out of rubber polymers and offers way too much friction to be used without a copious amount of lubricant. Before use, just let some lub flow into the sleeve from the orifice. It is always advisable to let some hot water flow through the Fleshlight sleeve before lubing it as this will dilute and spread the lube more evenly through the sleeve and also heat it up a bit for a more realistic experience. Please note that you should always use a water based lubricant with your Fleshlight.

Can I use any type of lube with my Fleshlight?

No, just water based lubricants should be used with a Fleshlight. Any other types of lubricant, such as silicon based lubes, may damages the material of the sleeve. It’s possible non-water based lubricants may not damage the sleeve immediately but it is simply not worth the risk if you want to keep your sleeve in healthy condition. All these lubricants available in the official Fleshlight webshops are water based and suitable for use with Fleshlight products.

How do I keep my Fleshlight sleeve in good condition?

First, always make sure to thoroughly dry your sleeve. Keeping your sleeve completely dried when stored will prevent any  bacteria from developing inside the sleeve. You can usually just leave it out for a couple of hours to dry before it’s ready to be stored again. Make sure the top and bottom openings of the sleeve are not obstructed so that air can freely move through the sleeve to dry every bit of it.

If leaving the sleeve out to dry for extended periods of time is a problem, then you can also speed up the drying process by rolling the sleeve inside a clean towel and tossing it around a bit. This should properly dry the outside of the sleeve and most of the inside. It’s likely however that some of the more detailed sleeves will remain wet on the inside. I recommend leaving those sleeves standing up in the plastic cover for another half hour to make sure it’s thoroughly dry.

Do I really need to buy the Fleshlight renewing powder?

Considering the renewal powder is just cornstarch, the answer is no. Just get any cheap brand of pure cornstarch and you should be good to go.

Can I clean my Fleshlight sleeve with soap?

Unfortunately, you cannot use any soap or detergent to clean your Fleshlight. The materials used to make a Fleshlight sleeve will otherwise slowly deteriorate over time. Fortunately, this isn’t really a problem if you take proper care of your Fleshlight. Once you’re done playing, simply rinse the sleeve with hot water thoroughly. (that isn’t hot enough to scald the skin on your hand). This should be more than enough to clean your sleeve and keep it in mint conditions for years to come.

How long is my Fleshlight sleeve supposed to last?

If properly maintained, a Fleshlight sleeve can easily last up to 5 years and probably even longer. Failure to properly maintain a sleeve will significantly reduce its lifespan. Things that will damage the sleeve include using non-water based lubricant, cleaning it with soap or detergents and also not allowing it to thoroughly dry after cleaning.

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