The Launch has arrived! Get ready for fully automated masturbation!

Fleshlight Launch
"The thought of the Destroya sleeve stroking my penis at 180 strokes per minute makes me giggle like a little school boy."
Written by Jamie

We are truly living in the golden age of technology. Fleshlight has released the Fleshlight Launch and it promises to do some awesome things. Let’s take a look shall we!

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So what exactly is the Launch? Fleshlight says:

“The Launch offers a fully automated Fleshlight experience for manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world. Brought to life by Fleshlight and powered by Kiiroo, the Launch allows users to go where no man has gone before by syncing your Fleshlight with a variety of content such as encoded videos, virtual reality, games and webcams. Launch controls the length of your strokes, as well as the speed. With its innovative touch control system, just set the controls, sit back and enjoy!”

In others words, it is a fully automated masturbator! You insert your Fleshlight into the device and it will do all the stroking for you. It also has support for interactive Virtual Reality videos, which means the action in the video you are watching is synchronized to the device. That is a pretty cool feature if you ask me. Porn will never be the same again!

All features in a nutshell:

  • Compatible with standard size Fleshlight toys (excludes Turbo, Ice, Flight, Go and Quickshot)
  • Compatible with your favorite VR goggles
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable
  • Up to 180 automated strokes per minute
  • compatible
  • Lightweight, portable device
  • Sleek, discreet design
  • Universal USB connection

So any obvious downsides?

Fleshlight Launch Actual Size Well I can only think of a couple minor ones. First of all the devices is on the larger side with a height of 12.75 inches (or 32 centimeters) but I do not think that will be a deal breaker for many people. The regular case Fleshlight, which the Launch requires is already far from portable anyway. If you need discretion or something portable then you are better off getting a Fleshlight Go or a Fleshlight Quickshot.

Secondly it is missing a feature that I was actually hoping for, an auto lube dispenser. It is already rather annoying that you have to replenish the lube when using a Fleshlight manually every 15-minutes or so, but with up to 180 automated strokes per minute I can imagine the Launch leaving your Fleshlight sleeve dry in no time. You will probably need to replenish the lube in your sleeve regularly or use very generous amount of lube to keep going for a while. Still, those moments that it is lubed and fired up should make for some amazing massaging. The thought of the Destroya sleeve stroking my penis at 180 strokes per minute makes me giggle like a little school boy.

How much will this machine set me back?
The Launch is currently priced at $200. That is a lot of money, but compared to the alternatives for hands free mounts it is actually very reasonable. For example the Liberator on a Mission mount is priced at $130 and will not do any stroking for you whatsoever. The cheapest hands free device would still be the Shower Mount which is only $20 but can easily lose its suction mounting and plummet your Fleshlight to the ground and can only be used comfortably while standing up.

All in all I think this is a very daring and innovative product by the guys over at Fleshlight. Although I do see some room for improvements it is already appearing to be a must have accessory. If you are looking for an automated Fleshlight experience, then the Fleshlight Launch would be a great addition to your setup.

Ready to purchase?
Click one of the following links to the official Fleshlight USA or Fleshlight EU webshop!

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I am currently 24 years old.
I have been playing with Fleshlights since I was 16 years old.
My philosophy is that every man deserves a Fleshlight (or an equivalent) in his life.

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