My Top 5 Review of the Best Stimulating Fleshlight Sleeves.

Fleshlight - Stamina Training Unit
The Stamina Training Unit is a highly stimulating Fleshlight sleeve, but lacks any kind of variation.
Written by Jamie

If this is your first time buying a Fleshlight, you might want to decide on getting either a realistic sleeve or a stimulating sleeve. I think those are the two categories you can sort the dozens of different available sleeves in. This review will look at my the top 5 of best stimulating Fleshlight sleeves.

When reviewing sleeves, I like to score them based on 3 features:

  • Stimulation (or realism when reviewing for that)
  • Feeling
  • Variation

Now let’s get to it!

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) sleeve was created to help men last longer in bed. I will discuss whether or not that is truly possible in a dedicated post another time, but regardless of that the STU sleeve is a very stimulating Fleshlight sleeve that definitely deserves a listing in this review. This sleeve canal consists solely of little round bumps that provide an intense massage of the penis shaft and although it does provide great stimulation for the glans of the penis it is not a very memorable or addictive feeling like some of the other listed sleeves provide. You can easily reach an orgasm in only a few minutes of intense stroking, but the trip getting there is not that interesting.

It also lacks any kind of variation in texture whatsoever, but I actually consider that a good things as the STU is the only sleeve available that offers a consistent stimulating experience over the entire length of the penis. That itself makes this a one of a kind sleeve that certainly belongs a spot on this list. The STU comes with two different orifices, one generic pussy orifice and a non-anatomical orifices. The latter might work better for discretion, but for the canal inside it does not matter which one you get. Both above average and below average guys can fully experience everything what the Stamina Training Unit has to offer.

My scores:      Stimulation: 8     Feeling: 7     Variation: 5

Total average score: 6.7

Fleshlight - Goddess Sleeve

The Goddess sleeve has high expectations to meet with a name like that. It might not be the highest rated sleeve in this review of best stimulating Fleshlight sleeves, but it might be one of the best all round sleeve currently available. It provides a very generous amount of stimulation at the deeper end of the canal for the glans of the penis and has a previously unseen feature at the opening of the canal for the lower shaft of the penis that creates a modest but very interesting massage for a part of the penis that usually gets little to no attention. The feeling you get throughout the canal is a very pleasant one and oddly enough feels rather natural. The larger bumps at the narrowing end of the canal provide for some very nice variation in contrast to the relatively wider waves by the opening of the canal.

Although this is a very well designed sleeve, it is certainly not for everyone unfortunately. I would definitely recommend this sleeve to anyone with a penis size of 6 inches or more, but certainly not to  anyone shorter than that. As you can see on the picture above, a lot of the features that stimulate the penis glans are further down the canal and will be missed completely by people of below average size. This should not upset you if this is the case for you as Fleshlight makes much better sleeves for people of below average penis size that are equally as good as the Goddess sleeve we reviewed here.

My scores:      Stimulation: 7     Feeling: 7     Variation: 7

Total average score: 7.0

Fleshlight - Barracuda Sleeve

The barracuda sleeve was a long time favorite of mine for a stimulating session. Much like the STU sleeve, it consists mostly of bumps, but these ones are a bit longer and face two different directions. The first chamber in the canal has the bumps lined up in a somewhat defensive position that requires some force when penetrating. The second chamber has the bumps lined up in an initially welcoming position, which completely changes once you have fully penetrated the sleeve and want to start your outward stroke. That is when the bumps start to resist and this if where the edges of your penis glans get a stimulation that I have yet to find on any other sleeve. The barracuda is probably the only sleeve I own where my orgasms usually come from the outward stroke and not the inward stroke into the sleeve, which makes for some interesting variation compared to other sleeves. I can recommend this sleeve to people of basically all penis sizes, as both texture features are located well within the first half of the canal. Do note that cleanup and drying of this sleeve can take a bit of time and effort.

My scores:      Stimulation: 8     Feeling: 8     Variation: 7

Total average score: 7.6

Fleshlight - Obession Sleeve

The obsession sleeve is probably my most used sleeve together with the destroya sleeve. Why it is called the obsessions sleeve? Well seeing as how stimulating and great the inside of this canal feels, I might be suffering from a little obsession myself. Let me start of however by saying that there is a big downside to this great sleeve and that is the fact that average and below average sized guys will not be able to fully appreciate this sleeve due to the fact that the first 3.5 inches of the canal does not really feature any interesting or stimulating textures. The very exciting needle like nipples do not happen until a third into the sleeve, also due to the fact that the anatomical orifice adds roughly half an inch of length to the canal of the sleeve. In other words, if you are sized below average you will only get your glans stimulated and massaged at best. The rest of your penis will not get much if any fun.

I would say the sweet spot in penis size for this sleeve is around 6.2 inches and above. If you do reach up to this size, then you are in for a treat. The needle like nipples will give your entire glans a stimulation and sensation that you will not find on any other sleeve. Also worth mentioning is the narrowing canal that starts halfway into the sleeve, which feels even more intense than it looks on the picture above and provides for some very welcome variety. Be sure to use a very generous amount of lube, because you will need it to comfortably navigate through the back of the canal. Please do note again that cleanup and drying of this sleeve will take a considerable amount of time and a bit of effort.

My scores:      Stimulation: 9     Feeling: 9     Variation: 7

Total average score: 8.3

Fleshlight - Destroya Sleeve

The Destroya sleeve is in my opinion the clear winner of this review. My goal was to review the best stimulating Fleshlight sleeves and the Destroya sleeve is all of that. Just like the Obsession sleeve, it scores highly on both stimulation and feeling. The big difference however is the fact that the Destroya is also able to deliver a high score for variety. You can see why on the picture above with the first chamber giving a thorough massage to the lower shaft, the second chamber giving the middle of the shaft and lower side of the glans an intense stimulation with pointy hooks that rival those on the Obsession sleeve. Finally the glans gets an all around massage from big rounds humps or a mellow massage from a ripped texture if you are above average of size and reach up to the lower end of the sleeve.

This sleeve truly has it all and I do not think we will see a better sleeve for a long time to come. I believe anyone with a penis length of up to 5.8 inches will have a lot of intense fun with this Fleshlight sleeve and will not be disappointed. The Destroya sleeve comes with 5 different orifices which are basically all covered in the picture above. The only one missing is an anatomical perfect pussy orifice from the famous porn star Stoya. My recommendation for an orifice on the Destroya will always be the butt orifice, which is the third orifice from the right in the picture above. The reason why I recommend the butt orifice is simply because it adds the least extra length to the canal of the sleeve, which means you get to enjoy more of the sleeve’s features if you have a below average or average penis size. This does not really matter for guys of above average size. If you can only own one Fleshlight, get the Destroya sleeve!

My scores:      Stimulation: 9     Feeling: 9     Variation: 9

Total average score: 9.0

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